You Can Read 45 Pages Of Your New Book In 2 Hours. How Many Pages Can You Read In 3hours? (2023)

Mathematics Middle School


Answer 1


67.5 pages

Step-by-step explanation:

You get how many pages you can read in one hour by dividing 2 by 2

You use the answer (22.5) and X 3 to get the answer of 67.5 pages

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Z– 9.4 = -3.6
?? Help



Step-by-step explanation:



Step-by-step explanation:

Slope of (3,-1) and (0, -5)



slope =-5-(-1)/0-3



Step-by-step explanation:

What is 10xy - 15y in factored form


The factored form of 10xy - 15y is 5y(2x - 3)


Given that, we have to write the given expression in factored form

Given expression is:

10xy - 15y

To find the factored form, let us first find the greatest common factor of 10 and 15

The factors of 10 are: 1, 2, 5, 10

The factors of 15 are: 1, 3, 5, 15

Then the greatest common factor is 5

Thus, factor out 5 from given expression

Now factor out the common term "y"

Thus the factored form is found

How much was shoes and shirt before went on sale


This cannot be answered

Rounded to the nearest whole number, how many yards is 32 kilometers? A)8,745 yards
B)34,981 yards
C)56,320 yards
D)90,675 yards



B Is the correct answer

Step-by-step explanation:

B is the answer 34,981yd

Percy buys tomatoes



Please add info and perhaps then i can solve it

Step-by-step explanation:


theres no info

Step-by-step explanation:

The ____ consists of the logical and necessary steps that lead to the conclusion



Step-by-step explanation:

Solve for x, please



x= -4.8

Step-by-step explanation:

subtract 2 on both sides of the equation

6/x= -5/4

cross multiply

6x 4= 24

24/ -5= -4.8

Name two decimals whose sum is less then 1


The two decimals whose sum is less than 1 are 0.5 and 0.4.

What is an expression?

An expression isa way of writing a statement with more than two variables or numbers with operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

Example: 2 + 3x + 4y = 7 is an expression.

We have,

Two decimals = x + y

Let x = 0.5


x + y < 1

0.5 + y < 1

y < 1 - 0.5

y < 0.5

This means y can be 0.4, 0.3, 0.2, and 0.1.


The two decimals are 0.5 and 0.4.

Learn more about expressions here:


0.1 0.2 because its only sum of only 0.3

What is the percent of change from 58 to 29?​ also thank you guys for helping me?


It's a percent decrease and it decreases by -50%

Solve 7 divided by 2212


Answer: 316 is your answer.

Step-by-step explanation:

First, you see how many times 7 goes into 22.

- The answer you should get is 3 and a remainder of 1.

Next, you see you bring down the 1 and see how many times 7 goes into 11.

- Your answer should be 1 and a remainder of 4.

Then, you take bring down the 2 and see how many times 7 goes into 42.

- Your answer should be 6 and there should be no remainder.

--- Your answer should be 316 at the end.


the answer would be: 0.003164557

but if you were asking what is 2212÷7, the answer would be 317

-3 - 6(4x+6) = -11 What x?



x = -7 / 6



  • Simplify both sides of the equation


−3+(−6)(4x)+(−6)(6)=−11 (Distribute)


(−24x)+(−3+−36)=−11 (Combine Like Terms)



  • Add 39 to both sides



  • Divide both sides by -24


x = -7 / 6

a small book publisher knows that 13 books weigh 15 lbs how much do 45 books weigh? (round to the nearest integer)




Step-by-step explanation:

15 divied by 13= .86

.86 times 45 = 38.7 they you round

If you place 10 packages per box, each box will weigh 10(3 lb 4 oz). This is 30 lb 40 oz. For 4 boxes you would have 4(30 lb 40 oz). This is 120 lb 160 oz. To put you answer in the correct form you need to change the 160 oz to pounds and ounces. 16 oz is equal to 1 pound, so divide 160 by 16. The 160 oz is equivalent to 10 lbs. Therefore the total weight of 4 boxes is 120 + 10 which equals 130 lb

Y+3=4/9(×+7) find the slope​




Step-by-step explanation:



4 / 9


Solve For y

Slope intercept form: y = mx + b

m = slope

y + 3 = 4/9(x + 7)

Add -3 to both sides

y + 3 + −3 = 4/9x + 28/9 + -3

y = 4/9x + 1/9

m (slope) = 4/9

A charity out reach program is working to provide food and medicine to the people affected by hurricane the members drive in a truck from A charity out reach program is working to provide food and medicine to the people affected by hurricane the members drive in a truck from the headquarters at eight as shown in the Image to the locations BCDEFGHH and then go back to their office what is the total live of their drive


can you please attach an image of the locations? so i can help

Answer: i need more explanation

Step-by-step explanation:

What is the value of the 6 in 57,642




Step-by-step explanation:


Step-by-step explanation:

Of the students in your class 12% are left handed what transition of the students are left handed are there more right handed or left handed students Explain write your answers in simplest form



There are more right handed than the left handed.

Step-by-step explanation:


Left handed students in the class

We need to find, are there more right handed or left handed students.


As given, is the percentage of the left handed students in the class. So we will find the transition of the students who are left handed :

So, while solving the second part of the question, let us assume that the student in the class are either right handed or left handed, we will not count student who can use their both hands freely.

If someone is not left handed,then they will be right handed commonly.

Now, we will calculate the percentage of right handed students that will be:

In fractional form it will become

Right handed < Left handed as we can see, .

Now, we can say that there are more right handed students than left handed students.

Mrs Stewart's draw a rectangle with an area of 32 square inches the width of a rectangle is 4 in what is the length of mrs. Smith rectangle



8 inches

Step-by-step explanation:

Use formula

for the area of the rectangle.



what is the ratio of a rectangle if one side is 12 and the other side is 16 ? what is the ratio if one side is 8 and the other side is10





Step-by-step explanation:

The ratios are ...

short side : long side = 12 : 16 = 3 : 4

and for the other rectangle, ...

short side : long side = 8 : 10 = 4 : 5


To reduce the ratio to lowest terms, divide each number by their greatest common factor. 12 and 16 have a common factor of 4: 12=4·3, 16=4·4. 8 and 10 have a greatest common factor of 2.

Solve -12 = z ÷ 3 for z. z =


Answer: z = −36

Step-by-step explanation:

Step 1: Simplify both sides of the equation.

-12 = 1/3z

Step 2: Flip the equation.

1/3x = -12

Step 3: Multiply both sides by 3.

3* (1/3z) = (3) * (-12)



Step-by-step explanation:

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